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Speed Friending Dashboard

Convert & Export the todo.txt from google forms CSV file.

  1. Import "Google Forms" Spreadsheet .csv file. (File that is created here)
    IMPORTANT: Avoid errors from badly formatted CSV files, go ahead and download this example CSV file to see how it's done
  2. Make sure the Form below is formatted as you need it. (See example from the speed friending match software)
  3. Click the Export Button to run the script and let it do it's magic. (Example output file could look like that)

1. Import

2. Form

You can use {name}, {email}, {phone}, {got_marked}, {matches} & {cliques} to format your message for the todo.txt list.
Please replace "YOUR NAME" with your name or nickname - Same goes for ""

3. Export

No Data is saved on the Server - Files are deleted right after conversion.
We are fully GDPR Compliant, no tracking is active on this site.